For Sale Board

Purchase a For Sale board and boost your marketing even more!

We are pleased to offer our clients the option of receiving our eye catching and distinctive Vende-Se board – the boards are priced at €45.00 and are 80cm(w) x 60cm(h) in size.

I hear many reasons against having a for sale board: it’s a security risk; we don’t want our neighbours to know; we don’t want people to knock on the door, wanting to view; it’s embarrassing to have a board up for months on end. These are all valid reasons, but none outweighs the merits of having a for sale board outside your home, when you’re trying to sell it.

Potential buyers searching for property often drive round the area looking to see what is available. You don’t want to miss out on important passing interest.

Even if your house is down a no through road, or considerably off the beaten track, you should not take the risk of missing out on even the smallest number of potential buyers that might see it.

In a nutshell, your for sale board could be your biggest and most effective marketing tool, so use it to its best advantage, to make sure that everyone knows your home is on the market, and to lure those buyers to view. It is your 24-hour salesperson.

NOTE: Your personalized board will be delivered to the property for sale address (Please allow 7/10 working days). Once the board has been delivered to you it becomes your property. As such it is your responsibility to take it down once you sell your property or your subscription is terminated. is not liable for the loss of your board, or any damage the board may cause.