i-Movie Video Tour

i-Movie Video Tour – to capture your buyers imagination

Have you ever considered having a virtual tour taken of your property but been put off by the exorbitant price quoted? If so our innovative i-Movie may be just the right option for you. Our economical movie production service uses still images to show off your property. We use still images to create the video, which enables us to drastically reduce the production cost.
i-Movie offers a fresh approach to property sellers allowing prospective buyers the opportunity to view their next home in greater depth – in a way that suits them.

Video marketing gives you a cost effective and competitive edge to entice buyers to view your property. We believe it's an exciting and effective way to increase exposure of properties to buyers. Adding depth, contrast and character to any property, a video provides greater scope and a deeper understanding in a minimal amount of time. A potential buyer who has watched a property video is very likely to request a viewing and proceed to a purchase than if he hadn’t.

The viewing of video online has rocketed with the wider availability of broadband over the past few years. There has been unprecedented growth in the amount of people viewing video online, particularly on you tube.

i-Movie can be one of the most cost effective online marketing tools. Video shares content in a powerful, engaging way. It lets potential buyers literally see for themselves what you are offering. Not only does i-Movie add more impact and engage the viewer but also it can be more convincing and credible than just a photograph. It gets more buyers viewing your home. It immerses the potential buyer in the property without the need to have an appointment to view the property. It is said that a property listed along side an accompanying video can get clicked as much as 40% more times than a property without. The web has become a prime source of information and plays a key role in people’s purchasing and behavioural decisions.

We offer the option to add an audio voice-over to accompany your images and you can either send to us your own short script or audio recording. The final end result is a fantastic presentational video that will be uploaded to the Internet and included with your property particulars.

i-Movie gives you a chance to make your property stand out. By adding an i-Movie to your listing, you are extending an invitation to buyers to look around. Unsupervised, at leisure ….no pressure. They can visit as many times as they like. Your i-Movie will be working for you 24/7 and people from all over the world will have instant access to it.

• Videos provide a superb showcase for prestige properties, taking the viewer through the door and offering an experience that is entirely different from a panoramic image.
• Modern family homes with similar specifications often fail to catch the eye whereas a video accentuates the more unique features and selling points to make a property stand out.
• Properties that have been on the market for a considerable period or have failed to achieve a significant number of viewings will benefit from the perspective of a professionally produced video.

It is said that a picture paints a thousand words. A video tells the story.

Here’s how it works:

1. You provide us with the photos to create the video.
2. We customize your video.
3. We add music and text as standard.
4. We can also add a voice over using your own script.
5. The video will then be included with your sale particulars.
6. The video will be uploaded to You Tube.

€75.00 - A full I-Movie video tour with 15 images, music and text subtitles. 

Additional images if required are €3.00 each 

Voice over - €20.00 (you to provide the script)